Our art performance intends to captivate and anchor visitors with fine art that is tangible and moving. We chose the performing arts as a form of series of events presented by humans as a medium. Hence, the players will be able to convey the hidden message to the visitors in harmony with the theme presented this year.

Immersive theater is a new drama art movement that broadcasts new dramas. It consists of various kinds of art that are packaged in a new art form that has no boundaries between the viewer and the audience. There will be no stage and does not close access for visitors to become part of the theater art. We hope that with this in-depth theater performance, visitors can have memories that cannot be resolved at Art Week 2020 and return home with the message the players want to convey.



The screening of the Appearance film is one of a series of new events that Art Week 2020 wants to bring because it sees the community’s contribution with independent film screenings that are in line with the theme raised by Art Week this year. By involving senior media this year, visitors are expected to be able to deepen their representation.

Art is not only appealing to our eyes, but also to our ears. Music is a form of art that is fairly universal and close to society. Music is also believed to be able to build and describe the atmosphere of the exhibition. Therefore, Artweek 2020 hopes that the visitors can truly understand and feel the real message that Artweek 2020 is trying to deliver by listening to our Music Performance.



In this artists’ talk activity, the artists will introduce themselves and inform us about their background in life generally. The purpose of the artists’ talk is to introduce and enlighten the general public about the lives of the artists participating in Art Week 2020.

One of the series of events presented during the exhibition is a curatorial tour. The curator of Art Week 2020 will explain directly to the visitors about the background, meaning, and objectives to be conveyed from the art. This activity will only be carried out at certain hours, namely peak hours. Thust, visitors will understand better and get the optimal experience of visiting Art Week 2020.



In the exhibition, there will be exhibited works of art from selected artists whose work has been curated in advance by the curator. The form of the work of art is also diverse and in accordance with a predetermined theme. During the exhibition, another series of events will also take place which will be elaborated on the next page.